The Genealogy of David L. Moody & Yvonne L. La Pointe. - Person Sheet
The Genealogy of David L. Moody & Yvonne L. La Pointe. - Person Sheet
NameREVEREND Thomas MOODY ®1486, ®408, ®8
Birthca 1520, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom ®2563, ®2564
DeathAug 1569, Islington, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom ®1
Burial26 Aug 1569, Islington, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom ®2565, ®1486
MemoSt. Mary's
OccupationRector of Moulton ®408
FatherEdmund MOODY/MODY/MOODYE GENT. (ca1495-1562)
MotherEdmund’s Wife MOODY (<1514->1524)
Never married
Misc. Notes
i. Thomas, born about 1520, became a clergyman; on 16 Dec. 1542 Thomas Modye was inducted Rector of Lackford, co. Suffolk, and on 5 June 1545 he was inducted Rector of Saint Peters Moulton, co. Suffolk. (Induction Book, Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Bury St. Edmunds.) Later he was of Islington, co. Middlesex (now in London), where he was chaplain to Lady Worcester, widow of Henry, Second Earl of Worcester; the registers of St. Mary’s Islington, record the burial on 26 Aug. 1569, of "Mr. Modye, my Lady of Worcester’s priest”. On 26 June 1576, administration on the estate of Thomas Mody of Islington, co. Middlesex, clergyman, was granted to Edward Colte" of Moulton, co. Suffolk, Gentlemen, during the minority of George Mody, son of Richard Mody, late deceased, brother of said Thomas Mody, deceased. (Administrations in Prerogative Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Somerset House, London, vol. 2, p. 102.) "This Edward Colte had married Anne, widow of Richard Moody, the brother of Rev. Thomas Moody, and so was step-father of the latter’s nephew and heir George Moody of Moulton." This is a copy of the data collected by Wm. R. Moody, East Northfield, Massachusetts (son of Dwight L. Moody) and Donald Lines Jacobus, after quite an extensive search in England and in New England. March 1925 L. W. Moody (son of Warren L. Moody)

The earliest known connection of the Moody family with Moulton, a parish in the western part of Suffolk, on the border of Cambridgeshire, was about 1555, when Thomas Moody, clerk, acquired a house and land there. (From Coplinger’s Calendar of Feet of Fines, Henry VIII-Elizabeth Easter Term, 2 Mary I [15 April-8 May 1555]. Thos. Moody v. Christopher Funston, tenement in Multon [Moulton, co. Suffolk]. (197) ), and from additional charters, in The British Museum (10 April, 1 and 2 Philip and Mary [1555]. Praecipe to Christopher Funston and Petronella, his wife, to keep a covenant with Thomas Mody, clerk, touching on a messauge, 6 acres of land, and 4 acres of pasture in Multon [Moulton, co. Suffolk]. (25283) He was probably the Thomas Moody who had been Rector of Lackford, also in western Suffolk, from 1542 to about 1551. This living was in the patronage of the King, who presented Thomas Moody on 16 Dec 1542, his induction taking place on 21 Jan. following. (This was about one year after King Henry VIII awarded a Coat of Arms and lands in Suffolk, to his father Edmund. Was the rectorship a part of that award?) He resigned the rectorship, probably in 1551, as his successor, Robert Peacock, was presented on 24 April of that year. A deed of sale, in the Moulton register, dated 8 Elizabeth [1665-66], is signed by Thomas Moody, Rector and Patron. (See Inductions, Archdeaconry of Sudbury, 1537-1641, and also Davy’s Suffolk Pedigrees, in British Museum, Additional MSS., 19142.) (“The entry in the Register of Moulton of the sale of the Advowson of Moulton, by Thomas Moody, Rector, A.D. 1566, is proof that the family must have settled there for many years previously, & probably possessed the Manor also.” ®1486) His will has not been found in either of the Suffolk courts or in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. He was probably related (but in what way has not been ascertained) to the Richard Moody with whom the following pedigree begins. ®1463

THOMAS MOODY, clerk in holy orders, died at Islington co. Middx; admon 26 June 1576 P.C.C. ®1
That Thomas Moody was the brother of Richard Moody is proven by the record of the administration in 1576 if his intestate estate, recorded in PCC administrations. In it, he is referred to as Thomas Moody, "clericus” of Islington, Middlesex, and his principal heir is George Moody, presently a minor in the care of Edward Colt of Moulton, Suffolk. In addition, an early Chancery dispute is on record, File 1453, #39-42 between Thomas Modye parson of Moulton and Richard his brother. Subject: "exclusion from complainant's parsonage which defendant has been permitted to inhabit at will.” ®1515

Thomas’s heir was his nephew George Moody, 1576. ®1
Chaplain at Islington 1548-1558. Thomas Moody witnessed the will of Emma Chenery of Moulton on 21 Nov 1558. ®1515
Thomas was Rector of St. Lawrence at Lackford from 1542-1551, Rector of St. Peter’s at Moulton 1545- and Chaplain of St. Mary’s at Islington 15 -1569. He died in 1569, probably in London. ®1486

“Rev. Thomas (1520-1569) He was rector of Lackford in Suffolk County on 12/16/1542. He was rector of Moulton, Suffolk County on 6/5/1545. Later became rector at Islington in Middlesex County (London). He was chaplain to Lady Worcester, widow of the 2nd Earl of Worcester. On 6/28/1576 his estate was administered by Edward Colte, gent. (2nd husband of his brother’s wife, Anne Panel, whom she married on 9/6/1574) Because Thomas was unmarried his estate descended to his brother’s eldest son, George, who at that time was in his minority (only 14 years old).” ®8
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