The Genealogy of David L. Moody & Yvonne L. La Pointe. - Person Sheet
The Genealogy of David L. Moody & Yvonne L. La Pointe. - Person Sheet
NameJohn CHENERY ®1515
Birth1542-54 ®1515
Death1624, Barton, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom ®1515
BurialKennett, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom ®1515
OccupationYeoman ®1515
FatherRichard CHENERY (-1563)
Misc. Notes
He was born between 1542 and 1554. He was under 21 years of age at the date of his father’s will of 6 Nov 1563. He was heir to his father’s land in Cockfield ®1515 His will was dated 7 Oct 1624 and proved on 8 Nov 1624. ®1515 He was the guardian of John Chenery, son of John Chenery in John's will of 1575. "Bringinge upp of John my Sonne I commytt to my kynsman and nephewe John Chenerie untill the saide John shall accomplishe his saide age of xxi yeares yf yt fortune the said John Chenerie my Nepheue to Departe this worlde before John my Sonne shall accomplisshe his saide aige Then I commyte and assigne the order of the saide John unto my Brother in Lawe Richard Norwiche." ®1515
Death1615/6 ®1515
Burial4 Feb 1615/6, Kennett, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom ®1515
Misc. Notes
She was John's first wife. ®1515 She was named in the will of her father, William Bridgeman, dated 19 Mar 1577 and proved on 2 May 1578. (PCC Langley) ®1515
Family ID540
Marriage9 Jul 1570, Exning, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom ®1515
ChildrenPhillippe (1571->1624)
 Anne (1572->1587)
 Richard (1575->1624)
 Katherine (ca1577->1624)
 Elizabeth (ca1580->1624)
 Frances (1584-1662)
 Margaret (1586->1624)
 John (1587-?)
 William (1588->1624)
 Charles (1591->1627)
 Thomas (Died as Infant) (1592->1592)
FlagsCheck own records, England
Misc. Notes
She was John's second wife and a widow who survived John Chenery. ®1515 Her will was dated 10 Nov 1628 and proved on 19 April 1628 (Archdeaconery of Sudbury, 135 Mason). ®1515 She was from Kennett. ®1515
Check will dates. ®1515
Family ID764
Marriage24 Oct 1616, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom ®1515
Marr MemoSt. James Parish
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