The Genealogy of David L. Moody & Yvonne L. La Pointe. - Person Sheet
The Genealogy of David L. Moody & Yvonne L. La Pointe. - Person Sheet
Birth4 Aug 1846, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, USA ®5728, ®7594, ®7595, ®7596, ®7597, ®7598, ®7599
Death20 Sep 1940, Saint Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota, USA ®7600, ®7601
Misc. Notes
“SAMUEL E. MAHAN, real estate, Bayfield, was born in Terre Haute, Ind., Aug. 4, 1846; graduated in 1861 from the State University and began the study of medicine, taking one course of lectures at Ann Arbor, Mich. But his health not being favorable he went out to Kansas and entered mercantile life in Harvey County; then he took a homestead in McPherson County, where he remained till 1873, when he came to Bayfield. In 1877-8 was County Clerk; is now secretary of the Telephone Company of Ashland and Bayfield, and secretary of the Hydraulic Company of Bayfield, and has just closed his term as Indian Agent. In 1878 he married Miss Mary J. Boutin, of Bayfield. They have had two children, Frances Edna and Lucille Eugenia, only one of whom is living. Mr. Mahan is a member of the Masonic fraternity.” “The Bayfield Lodge, A.F. & A.M. No. 215, was chartered June 14, 1881, with the following charter members: Robert Inglis, S. E. Mahan, O. Flanders, P. W. Smith, A. O. Haywood, John Banfill, A. Tate. The officers installed June 24 were: Robert Inglis, W.M.; S. E. Mahan, S.W.; O. Flanders, J.W.; A. Tate, treasurer; N. J. Willey, secretary; P. W. Smith, S.D.; F. W. Herrick, J. D.; Thomas Doherty, tyler.” ®5728 He was the agent for the express companies (American Express, Northern Pacific Express and United States Express) He was the Indian Agent for the La Pointe Agency at Bayfield in 1880. He was a partner with Nelson Boutin in Boutin & Mahan, fish dealers and steamboat agents with their office at the foot of Washington Avenue in Bayfield. On 1 June 1880 Samuel E. Mahan was a 34 year old clerk in the U.S. 2nd office who lived in Bayfield, Wisconsin with his wife, Mary J., 27, and daughters Lucile E., age 1, and Francis E., age 5 months. ®7591 On 14 June 1895 Samuel Mahan, a 48 year old born in Indiana who worked for the city rail road had been a Minnesota resident for 7 years. He lived at 226 Virginia Avenue, St. Paul, with Mary, 42, Lucile, 16, Emily, 13 and Florence, 11. ®7589On 1 June 1900 he was 53 and had moved to live at 732 Iglehart, St. Paul, Minnesota where he worked as a claims agent for the city railroad. He lived with his wife of 23 years, Mary J., age 47 and daughter Florence, age 16. His father had been born in Nova Scotia and mother in Canada. ®7590 On 15 April 1910 Samuel Mahan, a 64 year old railroad claims agent lived with his wife Mary, 65, at 694 Central Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota. No children lived with them. ®7577 On 1 January 1920 Samuel Mahan, a 73 year old insurance claims adjustor lived with his wife Mary, age 65, at 1651 Carroll Avenue in St. Paul. ®7578On 1 April 1930 he was 83 years old and lived in a house he owned worth $5000 at 1651 Carroll Avenue, St. Paul, with Mary J., 78, and divorced daughter Emily E. Nelson, age 47. Samuel was employed as the assistant court librarian for the City of St. Paul. ®7592He died at age 94.
1883 “The general merchandise business of Boutin & Mahan carries a stock of about $30,000 with an annual business of about $125,000. They are at the docks at the foot of Washington Avenue. The magnitude and importance of this firm is convincing prof that Bayfield is not dead but liveth, and that a prosperous business can be done by truly live and energetic merchants, mechanics and others.” “Boutin & Mahan’s dock, 400 feet long, 40 feet wide, cost $10,000 in 1881-2”. ®7376
BirthJul 1852, Wisconsin, USA ®7582, ®7583, ®7584, ®7585, ®7586, ®7587
Death10 Oct 1935, Saint Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota, USA ®7588
MotherLucy CONTURE (ca1833-<1900)
Misc. Notes
On 14 June 1895 she and Samuel lived at 226 Virginia Avenue, St. Paul, with Mary, 42, Lucile, 16, Emily, 13 and Florence, 11. ®7589On 1 June 1900 she lived in St. Paul, Minnesota with her husband Samuel and daughter Florence, age 16. Lucile and Emily had left home. She had had 6 children of whom 3 had survived as of 1900. ®7590 On 15 February 1910 Florence had left home and Mary and Samuel lived alone in St. Paul, Minnesota. ®7577
Family ID8134
Marriage28 Nov 1876, Bayfield, Bayfield County, Wisconsin, USA ®7602, ®7603
ChildrenLucile Eugenia (ca1879-?)
 Frances Edna (1879-?)
 Emily E. (ca1883-?)
 Florence E. (1883-?)
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