The Genealogy of David L. Moody & Yvonne L. La Pointe. - Person Sheet
The Genealogy of David L. Moody & Yvonne L. La Pointe. - Person Sheet
NameMarie, wife of Christopher COX ®2680, ®1485
Birthbef 1603 ®240
Misc. Notes
She was the second wife of Christopher Cox and a widow when she married Milles Borowes on 21 March 1627/8. ®1485
Birth11 Jun 1554 ®2680
Death1624 ®240
Burial29 Jan 1624/1625, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom ®1462, ®1485
MemoSt. James Parish
OccupationMacer (Grocer Or Spicer) ®1463
Misc. Notes
He came from a West Country family. ®1463
The Will of Christopher Cox (of Bury St. Edmunds, county Suffolk) dated 7 April 1624. "I X. health of bodie and minde and be prepared to leave this sinfull world when the Lord seeth best to call me and beinge of years 70 years ould att Barnabas daie next 1624 (11 June 1624) And havinge receiued extraordinary blessings from the Lord aboue any of my fathers Children I here doe desire to make knowne with earnest humble thanksgiving to my mercifull father in Jesus Christ retorninge to the holy speritt for that measure of illuminacion vouchsafed unto me and all those which the Lord hath given unto me And having by the Lordes great and exceedinge loue granted unto me Two yokefellowes of speciall vnderstanding for the good of their soules & for their bodies The first beinge an heire to 3 M’ And seeing the Lord in mercie in soe manie kindes have granted soe much that I may take serious Accoumpte of them & never to forgett the Lordes benefitts upon my sonnes and daughters.” etc., I ordain my wife Marie my sole and whole executrix. Proved 11 February 1624/5 by Mary Cox, widow of the deceased. (Prerogative Court of Archbishop of Canterbury, Somerset House, London, Vol. Clarke, fol. 25.) ®1463
Family ID377
ChildrenSamuel (<1603-?)
 Mary (<1604-?)
 William (<1606-?)
 Child of Christopher (Stillborn) (ca1610-1610)
Birthbef 1627 ®240
He was a Widower. ®1463 When?
Family ID386
Marriage21 Mar 1627/8, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom ®1462, ®1485
Marr MemoSt. James Parish
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