The Genealogy of David L. Moody & Yvonne L. La Pointe. - Person Sheet
The Genealogy of David L. Moody & Yvonne L. La Pointe. - Person Sheet
Deathaft 1792 ®240
Misc. Notes
She was a widow from Zoar, Franklin County, Massachusetts. ®1395
Birth21 May 1708, Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, USA ®1396, ®627, ®1384, ®1397, ®1394
Death19 Aug 1800, Ashfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts, USA ®408, ®1398, ®1384, ®1399, ®1400, ®1394
Burialaft 19 Aug 1800, Ashfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts, USA ®408
ReligionBaptist ®408
FatherPreserved SMITH (1677-1713)
MotherMary SMITH (1681-1763)
Misc. Notes
He was from South Hadley and Ashfield, Massachusetts. ®656 He was ordained a Baptist minister at the age of eighty years by his sons. “He settled in the South Precinct of Hadley (now South Hadley) himself being one of the proprietors in the First division of land on the south side of Mt. Holyoke. A prominent rise of ground about one mile and a half north of the Meeting House in South Hadley, bears the name ‘Chileab’s Hill’ to this day. This hill constituted a part of his homestead. He was at this time a Corporal in the Militia and an influential man in the Colony. Owing to disaffection in the church, which had resulted in the dismission of Rev. Grindal Rowson the year previous, Chileab Smith with his family removed about 1742-5 and was the third settler in a place then called Huntstown, which place was incorporated in 1764 by the name of Ashfield, Mass. To protect the inhabitants from attacks by the Indians upon the outbreak of fresh hostilities or abt. 1757, the house of Mr. Smith was enclosed by a barrier of logs, which arose on all sides around 12 feet high and was bullet proof. A tower, also, was added from which guns could be discharged with more certain effect upon the enemy. Such was the condition for about one year, when a company of 9 soldiers were sent to aid it. Though they were now in the wilderness, the duties of religion were not forgotten by them. He and his wife were persons of eminent piety and as numbers in the new settlement began to increase, they opened their house for public worship and as early as July 1761, a Church of nine members was organized after the Baptist persuasion. Mr. Smith, though formally a member of the Congregational Church in the South Precinct of Hadley, having now a preference for this denomination. Thus was formed from the three present Townships, Ashfield, Buckland and Conway, the first Baptist Church in the vicinity. Of this church, Mr. Smith became the first pastor, as he had been in the years previous to this time it’s first founder and teacher. He was ordained when he was now a full eighty years of age (80 or 83) although this outward rite could seemingly add nothing of advantage in the work to which he had previously devoted himself so assiduously. Chileab Smith, after the decease of his wife is said to have md. Rebecca Butter of Charlemont, but I have not the date. Rev. Chileab Smith died 19 Aug 1800, aged 92. Sarah Moody and husband had children, seven of whom are recorded on the Hadley records; the rest were born after their removal to Ashfield. Of the descendants of Sarah Moody and Rev. Chileab Smith, twelve have become ministers, five of the females were married to ministers, two of these with their husbands, became missionaries, one to China and one to India.” ®408”He was the third male settler in Ashfield. He was at the age of 80 years, by his sons ordained as a Baptist minister.” ®627, ®1384, ®1401 “m. Chileab Smith on 1/28/1732 who was very active in town affairs. He became an ordained minister at the age of 81. After a few years they moved to Ashfield, Mass. Mary Lyons, founder of Mount Holyoke College descended from this family.” ®8 “rem. from South Hadley to Huntstown, now Ashfield, 1751, where he was one of the early settlers. It is said the cause of his removal was some trouble in the Congregational church in South Hadley, and that in consequence of this he became a separatist (now Baptist). For 72 years he exhorted and preached in that denomination, but was not ordained minister until he was 80 years old, when the rite was performed by his sons, Ebenezer and Enos...he d. Aug. 19, 1800, a. 92.” ®214
Family ID728
Marriage5 Jan 1792 ®627, ®1384, ®214, ®2538, ®656
Marr MemoIntentions 3 Jan 1792
No Children
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