The Genealogy of David L. Moody & Yvonne L. La Pointe. - Person Sheet
The Genealogy of David L. Moody & Yvonne L. La Pointe. - Person Sheet
Birth11 Jun 1775, Dungiven, County Derry, Ireland ®1890
Death6 Feb 1847, Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia, USA ®1890, ®1891
MemoEllis Street
Burial9 Feb 1847, Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia, USA ®1890, ®1891, ®3655
MemoSt. Paul's Episcopal Church and Cottage Cemetery
OccupationTobacco Inspector and Appraiser
ReligionPresbyterian ®129
FatherArchibald CARMICHAEL (->1775)
MotherIsabella DUNLAP (->1775)
Misc. Notes
He was a tobacco inspector in Savannah, Georgia on 18 Dec 1789. He moved to Augusta in approximately 1791 as his Petition for Citizenship of 4 Mar 1795 is in Book 5, page 398 of the Superior Court of Richmond County, Augusta, Georgia. ®3656 He was an appraiser for Daniel Butler and Augustus Moore. He was a Second Lieutenant in Regiment M of the Volunteer Company Artillery, Richmond County, Georgia on 11 June 1798. ®1890 He was a resident of Augusta, Georgia for 59 years. He had 5 male and 7 female slaves in 1830. ®3657 He died aged 73. ®1891
John Carmichael 1774-1847: Married Mary Elizabeth Eve, daughter of Oswell and Aphra Ann Eve. He was born in Ireland and settled in Augusta where his leadership is evident: He became a wealthy merchant and served on the original Board of Directors of Augusta’s first bank. (History by Edward Cashin) ®3633
Birth23 Nov 1788, Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina, USA ®1890, ®1891, ®3648
MemoMiddleton Plantation
Death31 Aug 1855, Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia, USA ®1890, ®1891
MemoSand Hills
Burial1855, Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia, USA ®1891
MemoCottage Cemetery
ReligionCharter Member of First Presbyterian Church of Augusta in 1808 ®3649
FatherCAPTAIN Oswell EVE JR. (1754-1829)
MotherAphra Ann PRITCHARD (ca1765-1821)
Misc. Notes
She was the fourth daughter. ®1891 On 22 August 1808 Mrs. Mary Carmichael became a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Augusta, Georgia. ®3650 She was the second wife of John (James) Carmichael and had 13 children. ®1890 In the 1850 US Census of Richmond County she is living with Isabella, William T., Mary R. and Henrietta M. Carmichael and Anna Edgar. ®3648 In the 1852 Census of Augusta, Georgia she is a widow, Mrs. Mary E. Carmichael, head of household, living with 2 adult white males, 4 other adult white females and 3 male and 6 female slaves as a suburban inhabitant of Augusta. ®3651She was a Charter Member of the First Presbyterian Church of Augusta in 1808, and on 5 May 1844 was confirmed a member of St. Paul's Episcopal Church. ®3652

by a lady 80 years of age
Mrs. Emma Eve Smith (1798 - 1882)
copied by Mrs. Mary E. Miller Eve 1907
transcribed by Patricia E. Kruger 1994

Sister Mary Eliza was the next daughter of the family. She was a fair beautiful woman in face and form. Her arms, neck and feet were particularly well-formed and she had a lively disposition which made her a great favorite with the gentlemen of her day. Among these was a very handsome widower with one daughter (Sarah). He was a merchant of great integrity and industry by name Mr. John Carmichael. He was an Irishman but had resided here from his youth. She married him and he took her to a comfortable home where they raised a large family. When he died, he had amassed fortune enough to leave them all well off. Among his relics was found a bag of silver labelled "This was left in my store by accident and kept for its owner".

W. S. Carmichael says that his grandmother had this silver (for which no owner was every found) made into a fork with her initials MEC on it and that it is now in his possession (Nov. 21st 1907). Sister Mary was more like my mother than any of her sisters, keeping everything in perfect order and reigning a queen in her household.

The death of her oldest son Oswell Eve, who was a noble, cultivated young man of thirty-one years almost broke her heart, but his happy death drew all her family nearer to heaven. She died in the midst of her usefulness in 1855.
Family ID1485
Marriage3 Dec 1807, Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia, USA ®1890, ®3658, ®1856
Marr MemoAt Forest Hall, 8 miles from Augusta
ChildrenThomas (Died as Infant) (1808-1809)
 Anna Elizabeth (1810-1891)
 Oswell Eve (1811-1843)
 John Adams (Died as Infant) (1813-1814)
 Robert Dunlap (1815-1857)
 John Campbell (1818-1874)
 Catherine Emma (1819-1891)
 Anderson Watkins (1821-1895)
 George Ringland (Died as Infant) (1824-1824)
 William "Willy" Paul (1826->1885)
 Mary Reid (1829-1891)
 Henrietta Maria (1831-1903)
 Jane Isabel (->1804)
Death26 Dec 1805 ®1890
ReligionPresbyterian ®129
Misc. Notes
She was John's first wife and had only one child. She was a twin. ®1890
Family ID1522
Marriage3 May 1804 ®1890
ChildrenSarah Davis (1805-1851)
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